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Why use Community Capital Advisors, Inc.?

Raising capital for a community bank in this economic environment can be a daunting task. The process is rigorous, asset issues are always a question, and other unexpected variables that arise can place an undue hardship on the bank's management team.

Since the onset of the economic recession of 2008 there have been over three hundred community bank failures nationwide. Our team is well aware that these difficult times have affected every industry and banking has not been an exception. Bank management is faced daily with new obstacles and regulations that they must incorporate into their business model. Navigating these new uncharted waters leaves little time for bank management to oversee a capital raise.

Whether your community bank needs to repay T.A.R.P funds, buy back TRuPS or increase capital ratios Community Capital Advisors has been one of the country's foremost experts in raising capital with our principals combined experience of more than forty-four years. Our staff has the ability to attract large investors and private equity. From start to finish, our team will be with you for the duration of your capital raise. Raising capital is a continual challenge for community bankers however, CCA's Executive Team has helped over 150 community banks raise equity capital over the past twenty-eight years. Our successful track record demonstrates that we will never substitute words for actions.